SHIPPING utilizes Canada Post Expedited Parcel as the standard shipping method for single units.  The typical cost is $15.  If larger quantities are required or expedited shipping, then a quote can be provided.


Do you ship to the USA?  We are unable to do so.  Sights such as this can be subject to ITAR rules ( ) and complicates both export from and importing to the USA. Holosun Canada imports directly from the manufacturer.


Why don’t I just have the sight shipped to a USA address and I will pick it myself?   You could do this, but there is always a risk that you will be questioned and / or searched by DHS as you exit the USA at a land crossing.  Being in possession of an ITAR controlled item is a federal crime.  The regulations are complicated and difficult to interpret.   Besides, the price at Holosun Canada is only slightly higher than the USA.  This partially offsets the currency exchange rate and the importation costs.  Warranty is only available for products purchased through authorized dealers.


I reside in the USA.  Where can I purchase a Holosun sight?  If you happened to hit the Holosun Canada web site through an Internet search, please take a look at the information we have on the site.  You can then make your purchase through the Holosun Technologies Inc. web site ( or through one of the many dealers that cary Holosun optics.


Why do you have a post office box?  Given the nature of the product and security concerns, a physical address is not listed.  The post office box is checked rugularly.  The post office box is to be used for all authorized warranty claims.