This accessory mount is designed to provide a Picatinny rail for mounting red dot sights, flashlights, or laser sights to any rifle scope with a 30mm or 25.4mm (1 inch) tube.  


Have you ever left your scope on 9x power only to have a dear appear at 50m?  Use this mount and a Holosun red dot sight for fast shots under 100m.  No more scope full of fur!


Mount on top of the scope, the side or at any angle. 

Mount view small



  • Installs on 30mm and 25.4 mm (1”) scopes
  • Pictanny rail length 45 mm (1.8”), ring width 18mm (0.7”)
  • Weight (net): 28g (1.0 oz)
  • High quality aluminum alloy with durable matte black finish
  • Can be used for red dot sights, flashlights, lasers
  • Mount anywhere there is space on scope
  • Includes 30mm to 25.4mm (1”) adapter











M6 full 1024


M6 receiver800

HS403G mounted on Bushnell Elite 6500.




















MANUAL - English

MANUAL - French


$23.99 CAD  ($18.99 at dealers)