Why Holosun.ca?

I have been shooting Bullseye handgun for over 40 years.  In about 2012, I purchased a moderately priced red dot sight to replace an aging model that I had been using.  In those two years, I found that my average had dropped.   From high 260s to low 260s.  I was doing better with slow fire targets (10 rounds in 10 minutes) but with lower scores on timed (5 rounds in 20s x 2) and rapid (5 rounds in 10s x 2).   I finally determined that parallax was the issue.  So I started the search for something with little parallax that was also affordable.  Of course Aimpoint and Eotech were options but they were outside of my budget.  I settled on a mid-level red dot in the $200 range.  The manufacture advertised it as parallax free.  Before I hit the “Buy Now” button, I discovered that parallax free only started at 50 yards.  No better than what I had been using and would cause issues on the 50’ range.

With further research, I stumbled upon a new brand, Holosun.  I talked to their Vice President of Sales.  He indicated that they OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for other red dot companies but wanted to enter the market themselves.   Their model looked a bit like the Aimpoint T1 but without the battery compartment on the side.   While it was being manufactured in China, it was obvious that they had good engineering and research and development people because the unit had some unique features.   The parallax free range was 25 yards or better.  

I asked if there was a distributor in Canada.   There was not and given the complication of exporting equipment like this from the USA, it would be difficult to sell directly.   I ended up purchasing a couple of test units and had them shipped directly from China.  I field tested one on my target .22 caliber handgun and the other was field tested by a colleague on this 308 Win / 7.62 AR platform rifle.   Both tests went very well with tight groups, good holding of zero, and even passed some environmental tests.  After soaking the sight in water for several hours, I then froze it for several hours.  When I removed it from the freezer, it was covered in frost and measured -17C using an infrared thermometer.  The sight worked perfectly.

In the end, I decided to create a business in Canada to both sell Holosun sights online, to distribute them and to provide customer. This is of course is completely independent of Holosun Technologies Inc.  By sourcing directly from the manufacturer in China, importation issues from the USA were eliminated.  Holosun Technologies Inc. continues to have a corporate presence in California.

The company is Rua  Foireann Inc.  DBA Holosun.ca.   What does this name mean?  Rua Foireann is Gaelic for Red Team.  In this case, we are selling Red Dot sights, another business unit performs Red Team cyber and physical security attacks at the request of system owners, and most importantly, many team members are red heads.

 James Cook